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 Tilarta, my stories

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PostSubject: Tilarta, my stories   October 24th 2010, 9:00 pm

Given something that happened to a clanmate, I'm not big on disclosing personal details on the internet anymore.

But seeing as this subforum mentioned Roleplay backgrounds, I thought it would be appropriate to share those.

Especially since the MMO I created these characters for (Tabula Rasa) was sabered to the head and fed to the Sarlac.

Jikela Tilarta
Jikela Spy
This was my first character created for the game.
Her class was Spy, a stealth based class specializing in Swords and hand-to-hand combat.
The basic power for all classes was to shoot Lightning from your hand. Combined with the sword, this made her very like a Jedi Knight.
Spy Kit
These was her personal kit. From top to bottom on the right, Incendiary Sword, Cryogenic Sword, Incendiary Netgun, Cryogenic Netgun, Electric Sword.
The backstory I created for her was a tough and ruthless intelligent fighter. Although she's smart, she's more likely to settle arguments with her fists then words. I saw her as sortof a tomboy, not really given to feminine touches.

Serica Tilarta
Serica Sniper
Her class was Sniper, whose skills revolved around Sniper Rifles and Firearms.
Sniper Kit
This was her personal kit. Although you could only use 5 weapons at any given time, I kept a 6th in reserve in case it was needed.
From top to bottom, Laser Torqueshell Rifle, Laser Dual Pistols, Electric TSR, Pulse TSR, Pulse Pistol. The remaining weapon was the Sonic TSR, which was the reserve weapon.
In contrast to Jikela, Serica had quite a different backstory. She was more verbose and polite, preferring to reason rather then settle problems with violence. She's not as smart, relying on a combination of luck and skill rather then problem solving on the battlefield. Her ingame performance seemed to reflect that, she won battles more often from luck then anything else.
I imagined her as stereotypically feminine, which is why she went around in pink armor all the time.

They also had a shared backstory, Serica was the younger sister of Jikela. Jikela had a very strong big sister instinct and looked after Serica as much as was possible. Although cool-tempered in battle, if you annoyed Serica, Jikela would become even more aggressive then normal.

When I started playing Star Trek Online, I took the opportunity to recreate these characters.
Jikela Tilarta (STO)
STO Captain Profile
The backstory here reflects her origin in Tabula Rasa.
Serica Tilarta STO
She's the one in the reddish jumpsuit talking to the alien Diplomat.

Iariani Tilarta
Iariani Tilarta
This was the 3rd character I created.
She was a Grenadier, a class specializing in Tanking and Area Destruction. The weapon you see her holding is a Incendiary Propellant Gun (well, really, it's a flamethrower!). She could create a superheated duststorm around her and toss out several bombs around her. Another skill was Rushing Blow, which could jump walls or be used to ram enemies. This was was quite fun to use, when maxed, you could jump 60m forward or straight up into the air. It was also useful for getting into enemy bases. If you aimed for an enemy inside the base or one of the wall mounted defense turrets, you could jump inside without having to break down the defenses. And once there, her chaingun and AOE attacks massacred the enemies inside!
Grenadier Kit
Grenadiers needed a more diverse weapons selection, to adapt their attacks to varying situations and enemies.
The first column (top to bottom, left side) was my standard weapons selection. Incendiary Propellant, Cryogenic Propellant, Laser Chaingun, Pulse Chaingun, Pulse Propellant.
The second column (top to bottom, right side) are the specialist weapons. Virulent Propellant, Seires 2 and Series 3 Chaingun. The Virulent Propellant was used on Epics, combined with Virulent Scatterbombs, it tore them apart. The Series 2 Chaingun inflicts AOE damage on enemies. Aim at one, shoot them all. The Series 3 chaingun was taken out of the arm of a Battle Robot called AFS Mech. It functioned differently in the Mech, but had a different function due to being apart from the war machine that carried it. It took a while to start firing and overheated fast, but it inflicted heavy damage on a single target. It's essentially a minigun, fires lots of bullets fast at an enemy.
As yet, I have not recreated Iariani in an mmo. I'm saving her for Stargate Worlds ]IF that ever comes out.
I did recreate her for the soloplayer game Mass Effect though.
Iariani Shepherd
I wrote her as a "unleash destruction, smash them down" type. The kind of person you know how to find by following the explosions and path of destruction. She's diplomatic with those she likes, but aggressive towards her enemies, unrelenting in the carnage and violence she unleashes. Likewise, people who annoy her get a punch to the face or kicked down hard. Like Jikela, her highly intelligent nature is disguised by her militant nature. Aside from the weapons, she's an inspired leader and tactician.

Thrax Tilarta
Thrax Tilarta
Thrax Tilarta STO Profile
A relatively recent creation, although I based him on my Thrax Hybrid Guardian (a class similar to Grenadier, but based more around hand to hand combat and staff fighing) from Tabula Rasa.
The Thrax were an enemy race in Tabula Rasa, but if one of your characters obtained "pure Thrax DNA and the Thrax Genome", any of your characters could be created as or cloned (copied) into a Thrax/Human Hybrid.

The others I had weren't fully developed when Tabula Rasa went down, so they don't really have much of a story to them.

I also have more characters in mind for Star Trek Online, but I won't post those until I create the characters.

That could be some time away though, because the factions I plan to create them in (Romulan and Cardassian) don't exist yet.
And are not likely to for some time, I don't know what STO are doing, but they're stuffing around and delaying the upcoming faction (Romulan) for superficial content changes and tweaking of the Klingon faction.

That's annoying for someone like me, who did EVERYTHING there is with both my characters and needs a new faction to have something to do in the game.

Last edited by Tilarta on October 24th 2010, 9:06 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : STO supplemental)
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Sith Master
Sith Master

Posts : 120
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PostSubject: Re: Tilarta, my stories   October 25th 2010, 3:09 pm

Nice story... but who are you? Very Happy
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Posts : 321
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PostSubject: Re: Tilarta, my stories   October 25th 2010, 5:51 pm

Greetings. Its been a while.

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Ðarth Apocalypse
Dark Lord
Dark Lord
Ðarth Apocalypse

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PostSubject: Re: Tilarta, my stories   October 26th 2010, 12:59 am

haha very nice bio. I have not seen you on this site in an extremely long time. Welcome back! I do enjoy your screenshots in game. Twisted Evil

xfire: Darthapoc          PSN:DarthApocalypes    
Star Wars: The Old Republic: Àpôcálypsé / Sorzen /Begeren Colony server

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Posts : 13
Join date : 2009-11-23
Age : 40
Location : Australia
Reputation : 0

PostSubject: Re: Tilarta, my stories   October 26th 2010, 6:51 am

I've known Zienna for a long time.

Thanks for the comments people.

I've been doing some non-game related activities for the most part.
I'm kindof in a hiatus as regards online gaming at the moment, mainly because Star Trek Online has decreased to minimal activity (to sum up, I did everything there was to do and now there's only the weekly missions to attend to until new factions go live) and Stargate Worlds, well, that's an unknown right now.

I tried to find a suitable replacement for Tabula Rasa, but finding a pure sci-fi mmo that uses a similar game engine and classes has been fruitless so far. Stargate Worlds was the only possibility, and well, nobody even knows if that's going to be out at all.
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PostSubject: Re: Tilarta, my stories   

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Tilarta, my stories
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