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 -[DE]- Cantina Map List

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-[DE]-Adept Satele
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PostSubject: -[DE]- Cantina Map List   Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:39 am

Map list for -[DE]-Cantina server :

Default Map:

Trickarena Trickarena.bsp & training4_jk3.bsp


Helmsdeep helmsdeep.bsp
A2_beta3 a2_beta4_night.bsp & a2_beta4_day.bsp
Alzoc 3 Enclave alzoc3_enclave.bsp
Apcotyl Temple apcotyl_temple.bsp
Arena of the Rancor rancormad.bsp
Arevass arevass.bsp
Atlantica atlantica.bsp & atlantica_rpg.bsp
Boonta Eve Tatooine Pod Race Boonta_eve_classic_tatooine_pod_race.bsp
Casa De Los Parias casa_de_los_parias.bsp & casa_night.bsp
Christmas in Whoville christmas_final.bsp
Country Academy countryacademy.bsp
D SKULL airship D-SKULLship.bsp
Giant Playable Piano 2 Map playablepiano.bsp
Giant's House giants_house.bsp
Greenscreen greenscreen.bsp & greenscreenbig.bsp
Jedi Council GCX jedicouncilgcx.bsp
Jedi Council GCX 2010 jedicouncilgcx-2010.bsp
Jedi's Home (JL) II Jedi'sHomeJL_II.bsp
JKA Tron jkatron.bsp
Malevolence malevolence.bsp
Midgar V3 midgar_v3.bsp
Onobi's Funhouse funhouse.bsp
Order of the Expendable Jedi Knight Temple ex_jedi_temple.bsp
Sith Council V2 sithcouncilv2.bsp
Sith Council V3 sithcouncilv3.bsp
Sniper Oasis sniperwar.bsp
The Academy V3 the_academy_v3.bsp
The Sanctuary ts.bsp
They Might Be Jedi Clan Map ffa_tmbj.bsp
Winter's Gift wintersgift_bf_jr.bsp

Note: Maps may be Added or Removed Frequently

SJC Map Pack 1

SJC Map Pack 2

SJC Map Pack 3 (for The SJC Pack III, only put the sjc_kashyyy.pk3 and sjc_senate.pk3 in your base folder.)

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-[DE]- Cantina Map List

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