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 Martyr's Back story

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Darth Martyr
Dark Council
Dark Council
Darth Martyr

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Martyr's Back story Empty
PostSubject: Martyr's Back story   Martyr's Back story I_icon_minitimeJuly 25th 2010, 4:10 am

In which a formal direction I shall point this biography, I start now with merely the story of how I have become under the service of Lord Apocalypse. I bring you now to my memories and thoughts inside my dying brain filled with knowledge of the Dark Side.

.::You feel a sudden breeze upon your body, you touch your skin and it burns to the touch. You feel the breeze warming your body now, as if you can see your upper muscles inside your body. Your heart is pounding ab normal that you have gone through 50 lifetimes of heart beats. You now think you see a young boy chasing after another boy, you see the two following in the exact same footsteps climbing the rooftops of a small village. The two reach the top and they then look out in the breezy night. You now hear the brothers talking::.

"It is a good life we live, here in the village we have everything we could ever need."

"The best my brother, let it not change us or anything in between."

.::You see the image fade and you hear dust in the wind, you feel the same effects as last time only a much warmer feeling. You see three men, onto the stake, it was a father, and two brothers.::.

"You may have our lives this day, but we shall not give up the sith! I swear we will kill you!"

.::You see the fires start and consume their bodies as they burn alive. You feel yet again the effects upon your body, the feeling warmer again. You now see utter blackness, but your body is shaking. It feels as if it is floating on water. You now see a coffin laying on the ground. You see a man open and you see the first boy you saw earlier lying dead in it. How could this be? This man was burned alive at the stake earlier. His body was put back together by the force after the burning which means he could well be still alive. They locked his body in the casket and buried it. You then see the man who opened it pick the body up and throw it on the ground. The man who opened it now put his hands on the body, he then said something in a different language. Now the boy opens his eyes. The boy gets up and asks the man questions::.

"Who are you? What have you done with me?"

"I merely saved your life young one."

"How did you save my life? Was I dead?"

"Yes, until now at least."

"What do you want with me then?"

"First of all, I am Darth Apocalypse and I just did save your life. You were burned at the stake, to ashes! But by the next day, your body was put completely back together, This would mean that you cannot die, young one."

"What of the rest of my family?"

"Dead. They are all dead, even your little brother is dead."

"Why? Why did we die?!"

"Because your father was a sith under my allegiance. Me and your father were sith under my banner, The Dark Empire of the Sith."

"So, you saw my power of not dying and you want me under you?"

"Exactly. You have a power called rapid cellular generation. It means if you get cut with a lightsaber, you will heal in seconds. I need you with me, your father died a martyr, but you shall not die, but would rather die than give up the sith, am I correct?

"Yes, I know and study the ways of the sith, and you are correct."

"Then you will Join me?"


"What is your name boy?"

"I am Aetos."

"From now on you shall be called Martyr."

.::You now feel the heat on your skin again, still getting hotter each time. You start to see an image but it starts to fade out of your eyes. Your eyes start to shut and you cannot stop them, you fall onto your back and you stop breathing. You can now see the image you saw before clearly. You see Darth Apocalypse and Martyr walking into a great hall. You see more people standing around in this large room. They all come towards Apocalypse::.

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Ðarth Apocalypse
Dark Lord
Dark Lord
Ðarth Apocalypse

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Martyr's Back story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Martyr's Back story   Martyr's Back story I_icon_minitimeJuly 25th 2010, 4:58 pm

Twisted Evil Very Nice!
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Darth Sacrilege
Dark Council
Dark Council
Darth Sacrilege

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Martyr's Back story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Martyr's Back story   Martyr's Back story I_icon_minitimeJuly 30th 2010, 8:55 am

Epic! *applause* cheers
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Sith Acolyte
Sith Acolyte

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Martyr's Back story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Martyr's Back story   Martyr's Back story I_icon_minitimeJanuary 5th 2011, 5:35 pm

Nice Smile Look at mine Razz haha cheers

Funny Pictures - Cat vs. Bear Gif
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:3 awesome Darth Vader
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PostSubject: Re: Martyr's Back story   Martyr's Back story I_icon_minitime

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Martyr's Back story
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