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 -[DE]- Recruitment Policy

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Ðarth Apocalypse
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Dark Lord
Ðarth Apocalypse

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-[DE]- Recruitment Policy Empty
PostSubject: -[DE]- Recruitment Policy   -[DE]- Recruitment Policy I_icon_minitimeOctober 3rd 2010, 1:08 pm

As of late, any motivated personal wanted to join -[DE]- has had an auto acceptance by simply posting under New Members. This is unacceptable. -[DE]- has a policy on recruitment but since it was never written the Council can only blame itself.

The new recruitment policy was established some weeks ago during a clan meeting on a2_beta4_night map. It was there that Apocalypse, Cerberus, SithKnight, feaR, Xanatos, Kenshiro, and Martyr agreed upon the new terms.

Recruitment Policy

1.) The new identified hopeful also known as trialee must post under New Members and post an application explaining themselves and with honest traits and abilities.

2.) In the post the new trialee should post how he came to find -[DE]-

Example: How did I come across the Dark Empire: Apocalypse's Xfire

Example 2: How did I come across the Dark Empire: Martyr

3.) After this New Members has been accepted as a trialee he or she will choose to put -[DE-T]- in front of their name as an identification tag letting official Dark Empire members know that this individual is a Dark Empire trialee and must be examined.

4.) Roughly after one week of being active, obedient, and respectable as a trailee this DE-T will be voted into the clan under unwritten documents. If the majority of the clan accepts the DE-T than that person will become an official -[DE]- Member and treated as a Sith Acolyte since this is the current rank of an official DE member.

Questions for Dark Empire ranks check the Dark Empire Wiki or -[DE]- Sith hierarchy under the Information category.

Other Questions:

What if the clan is inactive at that moment in time?

When a new member posts an application than after one week that individual is automatically accepted into -[DE]- as a Sith Acolyte but nothing more than an Acolyte.

The newer members that have been accepted into DE without the rules of the Recruitment Policy will be tolerated since the Council failed in making these rules a written document.

Further recruitment disobeying the Policy will however, NOT be tolerated and will be met with punishment by the Sith Lords.

- Have a nice day -[DE]-, live for the empire, die for the Sith.

Sith Empire

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-[DE]- Recruitment Policy
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