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 Cloud James Strife

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Leo 3rd

Cloud James Strife Empty
PostSubject: Cloud James Strife   Cloud James Strife I_icon_minitimeDecember 31st 2010, 12:35 am

Name: Cloud Strife

Species/Race: Human
Gender: Male
Homeworld: - Tatooine
Age: 21
Faction/Clan: Jedi
Job/Occupation/Profession: Jedi Padawan
Skin/Model: [sadly wont show like it is AC Cloud ]
Blood Type - AB
Theme Song: Final Fantasy 13 Theme Song
Date of Birth:August 11* or August 19* 21ABY
Height: 5'7" 173 cm

Physical Description: Long spiky hair, with black clother and a mark of the Kreetle Wolf on his Sholder Pad. Very
Appearance - Cloud James Strife Cloud_Strife_by_Sajira

Family: Strife
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Colour: Blue
Eye Colour: Gray
Skin Tone/Colour: Slightly Tan
Languages: Basic, Huttesse, shryywook with an Onderon accent

Appearance in facial terms: Bold, violent

Personality: violent, serious, some patience, a tiny bit ignorant, Noble, Proud, Respectful, Honable, Comedic.

Stats -
Jump - 3
Push - 2
Pull - 2
Speed = 2
Seeing - 2

Absorb - 1
Heal - 1
Protect - 1
Mind Trick - 1

Saber Attack - 2
Saber Defense - 2
Saber Throw - 1


Blaster fire passed through the trees of a dark world.

"They are here, they found us my Padawan. Go! I knew this day would come, find your way never give up, make sure the Jedi stay together!"

Cloud's Master, Gorn Horath a Kel'Dor Jedi Master ignited his brightly emitting yellow blade and began repelling blaster fire from the onclosing Sepratist Army before him.

"GO!" Master Horath shouted.

"I can't leave you Master, I won't let you die, im standing by your side."

"Master Horath lost his temper, or was it his pride in his Padawan that his life must not enter the next for he knew his destiny and it was well known throughout the Order that Cloud is a significant figure within the Order.

A tomb with blast doors stood behind them.

"Leave, I cannot stop this my Padawan, you must go."

"I will not.. Leave y..."

"Master Horath Force Pushed his Padawan inside the tomb, and sealed the doors with the Force."

"Master, No I can't leave you." Cloud shouted but it was unheard from the bombardment of the Sepratists.

Cloud screamed out in pain for loss of his Master, he hit the door with so much Force it slightly made a dent and the tomb tremebled.

Silent voices hummed his name, "Taeis..."

Suddenly the blaster fire stopped, and Cloud could slightly here what was going on outside, but couldn't recognize the verbal attitudes. A disturbance in the Force was made directly afterwards and all assault had stopped. Cloud fell to the ground on one knee and held his chest. He knew his Master had been slain.

The disturbance was so abundant, it knocked Cloud unconscious. Taeis fell into a dream world; a world of past memories.

The great sakura blows passionate peddles through the wind as two honorable Jedi, one of them a glowing figure and the other a young man by the age of 19 walked along the path of the flowing stream, as they cross the bridge they stand beside eachother overlooking the rushing water and wait for the wailing winds.

"Cloud, my Padawan, you have many questions; speak."

Cloud paused for a minute; collecting his thoughts before he silently sighed and spoke.

"Master, the traditions of a Jedi follow the decisions we make through honor. How can we as people, save such a galaxy- torn apart by vengeance. The clones have betrayed us and destroyed the Jedi Temple"

Cloud's Master turned to him and smiled; "For it is our will as Jedi to bring honor to restore the Republic and the Order no matter what,not what is Just; but what is Honorable. Yes, our actions do display our pride as Jedi, and we must uphold our code for what is just is only willed through our actions as people, and we must uphold our code to those who do not understand our duty my Padawan." But as I am going to take my leave remember my words....remember them well" He then faded away Cloud with a tear in his eye walked towards his ship heartbroken.
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Cloud James Strife
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