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 Overrated's Biography

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Overrated's Biography Empty
PostSubject: Overrated's Biography   Overrated's Biography I_icon_minitimeJanuary 5th 2011, 5:29 pm

[I'm going to take a 3rd person approach to this and show how I came into DE]

.:: You imagine yourself as a droid, storing memory, understanding what your master says, and doing it. You were built to do many things, things like blasting through vaults, using your sonic boom to erase the memories of all droids around you, controlling the droid army. You are the most important droid there has ever been. And you come across a holocron of the past in the library of coruscant. The holocron is of a master and his padawan, one a rodian, the other a twil'ek. They are running through the information on rancors in the library. ::.

"I see, the rancors are a very angry race of creatures." said the Rodian.

"Well yes, padawan, they cannot be controlled, they are volatile creatures and should only be killed." replied the Twil'ek.

"But what if there was a way to control them? As a pet, you'd be very powerful." answered the Rodian.

"I'd imagine that creature would be very powerful." said the Twil'ek.

.::You notice the holocron has ended and then you find yourself being pulled to another file. It's a secret one that looks impossible to find. It must've been connected to the other holocron. Now you look at the holocron and start it, but something happens and you are pulled into the holocron. You hear different sounds, they sound like droids and technology, you look around but it's pitch black. You look back infront of you and notice a door, you walk to it and walk through, then you're falling you feel like you are in water, but that's not possible, you're a droid. Then an image appears under you, it's of the Rodian and the Twil'ek. But the Rodian is a man now and the Twil'ek is very old and frail. ::.

"You, my friend have been a son to me. I want you to find a master and learn the ways of the sith. Find one, find one you have a connection to, or else you will be lost, forever." whispers the Twil'ek.

"Yes master, I will fulfill your last desire, please rest I wil-" the Rodian tries to say but gets cut off when he notices that his master's chest has stopped rising. "No..you cannot die...please...don't die!" the Rodian pleads. "I will fulfill your wish. Your death will not be of vain, and neither will your teaching be." exclaims the Rodian.

.:: You feel the image stop and look around. You are in pitch black again. You think that you are going to die but you notice a light, the light is another image but of the same Rodian and a different person, an older Rodian, but he has a cloak on and has a red lightsaber, with a hilt of pure cortosis. Impossible to make a hilt of, unless you are a true sith lord. ::.

"Who are you?" says the younger Rodian.

"I am your new master, my name is Martyr. I am a sith lord and you are my new padawan, I was sent from your last mentor, Jaero." replies Martyr.

"You will teach me to become a sith lord?" answers the younger Rodian.

"Yes, as long as you join me in The Dark Empire of the Sith. Your master was my mentor as he was yours. You have to swear your allegiance, and I will teach you." says Martyr.

"I swear my allegiance to The Dark Empire of the Sith and learn the ways of the Sith. But I do have one question, why do you need me?" answers the Rodian.

"I never said I did, I said that mentally, and you just answered it. You have the ability to read minds. Meaning you can read the mind of your foes and learn to fight around them, never will your be hit, but incase you do, you know what your enemy is planning to do. You will be trained with one lightsaber, a crimson red. I will teach you how to create it, and you will be able to make one that's as advanced as mine. But I do have one question, what is your name padawan?" answers Martyr.

"Berraos, the son of Binepo." answers Berraos.

"You shall be called Overrated." says Martyr.

.:: You feel your body start spasming and catch a glimpse of an image. But you start to twitch and shudder. Your limbs stop working and go blind. You can't move your legs and then before you explode, the image comes up, an image of Martyr and Overrated in a sandy world, with Jedi all around them, ready for battle. ::.

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Overrated's Biography
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