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 When Dealing With Mimics As An Admin, Please Read and Pass On.

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When Dealing With Mimics As An Admin, Please Read and Pass On. Empty
PostSubject: When Dealing With Mimics As An Admin, Please Read and Pass On.   When Dealing With Mimics As An Admin, Please Read and Pass On. I_icon_minitimeJanuary 27th 2011, 10:33 pm

Before you go to kick or ban someone, A. make sure that you use /amstatus to get thier status number.
B. use the status number ONLY to kick or ban someone (some will change thier name to 1 in hopes that you will kick or ban the person whose status number is 1.)
C.Check to make sure there are not two people with the same or very similar names on first, use tab or amstatus to do this.
D. if there are two, and you can ghost, then ghost yourself before doing this step, if you cant ghost, then just teleport to the first person status number wise that has that name. If they are not the lamer, then immediately kick/ban the other person.
E. if you cant ban, then report it to someone who can. I believe all or at least most artists and all artisans can do so.
An example of yer /amstatus list:

1. Bobbafett plugin 1.3
2. YoMama plugin 1.3
3. Submit plugin 1.4 beta
4 Slamdunk plugin 1.3
5. Private No Plugin
6. SIamdunk plugin 1.3

In game, both Slamdunk and SIamdunk will look the same as the I and lower case L look identical. So you would teleport as so: /amtele 4. then You would notice that the original slamdunk isnt lameing, IMMEDIATELY kick or ban 6. If you dont have ban and someone with ban is on, or who might have ban, PRIVATE MESSAGE THEM, explain the situation (or babble it via admin chat) and say that there is a Mimic, the Mimic's number is 6, he is currently mimicing number 4 who is slamdunk. Please ban number 6.

Hopefully this way we will avoid further incidences of people getting kicked or banned when they are innocent.

Mimic's are irritating and can royally disrupt the guests and the members of a server. Please, pass this information on to any admin that you know. Thank you.

Wall of Text is Meeeeee!!!
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When Dealing With Mimics As An Admin, Please Read and Pass On.
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