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Ðarth Apocalypse
Dark Lord
Dark Lord
Ðarth Apocalypse

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Apprentices! Empty
PostSubject: Apprentices!   Apprentices! I_icon_minitimeSeptember 17th 2012, 3:51 pm

The Apprentice forum has been moved down to the Knight Discussion Category since I am allowing the tier 1 ranks such as Sith Knights, Sith Warriors, Sith Assassins take on apprentices you guys are now allowed to discuss to whom your taking a Mastery to, and for everybody to evaluate them.

Furthermore, The Dark Empire of the Sith on Jung Ma server in Star Wars: The Old Republic is now almost 450 strong in members. The issue is, only a handful of them are registered on this site! Please spread the word for this site to make this more active and productive. I will not promote anybody in the TOR guild anymore if they dont register on this site. Thank you.

May the Dark Side of the force serve -[DE]- well.

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Apprentices! 88957d73d7aec95d

Apprentices! 3c430a119062baa5
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Nienna Nolatari -[M]-
Nienna Nolatari -[M]-

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Apprentices! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Apprentices!   Apprentices! I_icon_minitimeSeptember 21st 2012, 5:25 pm

so apprentices? or apprenticseas? like parenthesis and parentheses? lol

[url=http://www.enjin.com ]Apprentices! 4b8c41ddf235a72f[/url ]
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