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-[DE]- Hierarchy and Ranking System

-[DE]- Ranks

The Ranks decend from top to bottom in terms of how much authority the rank itself holds.

Dark Lord of the Sith

The ruler of the Dark Empire, and dictator of the empire as a whole. There is only one Dark Lord of the Sith and there will only every be one, this person is Darth Apocalypse. The Dark Lord of the Sith is the absolute leader who constructs, runs, and has the final say in -[DE]-.

Dark Council

The Dark Council is the highest form of authority below the Dark Lord, consisting of at max twelve members. Typically a Dark Council member is assigned or directed toward a specific regement of the guild itself. They are the only members in -[DE]- allowed to carry the Darth title in front of their name. They are also a branch of adviser's for the Dark Lord, set to help guide the clans progress and movement toward success.

Sith Battlemaster | Sith Lord | Sith Prophet

Sith Battlemaster is the tier 3 rank for the saber combat career branch. Battlemasters have uttermost authority over Marauder's and Warrior's and direct strategies and plans over team free for alls for -[DE]- against other clans.

Sith Lord is the tier 3 rank for the leadership career branch. Sith Lord's would construct creative events for -[DE]- members and host games to keep our servers interesting and active.

Sith Prophet is the tier 3 rank for the force fighting career branch. Prophets are the Dark Empire's masters of force combat and mechanics in the Star Wars games -[DE]- supports.

Sith Marauder | Sith Master | Sith Alchemist

Sith Marauder is the tier 2 rank of the saber combat career of lightsaber mechanics. Tanks built for TFFA and the knowledgable saberists for the empire.

Sith Master is the tier 2 rank of the leadership career of managment skills. Right hand people to Sith Lords and advisors for event construction.

Sith Alchemist is the tier 2 rank of the force career. Skilled force fighters and knowledgable players of Jedi Knight Academy's force mechanics.

Sith Warrior | Sith Knight | Sith Inquisitor

Sith Warrior is the tier 1 rank of the saber system career. The first of their kind to enter the mechanics and boundaries of the lightsaber system of the desired Star Wars game the Dark Empire hosts.

Sith Knight is the tier 1 rank of the leadership career. The first rank beyond the core ranks that establish the Empire user to have adequet leading and creativity in managing -[DE]- events and establishments.

Sith Inquisitor is the tier 1 rank of the force fighting career. The first career path for the Dark Side eager force using members of -[DE]-, our representitives of the force fighting members.

Sith Apprentice

The Sith Apprentice rank are the clans sole example of a core ranked Sith in their prime but not yet ready for a specific career path. It is the last mandatory rank before entering the important specialities of -[DE]-, whether that be leadership, force, or saber combat career. (Do not mistaken the Sith Apprentice rank for a Master's personal apprentice, which is considered a side-rank).

Sith Adept

Adepts are classified as a more experienced Sith Acolyte, a trained and harded Acolyte who knows many ways of the Dark Empire. Adepts are also promoted due to activity which is a great contribution within -[DE]-, and Maturity.

Sith Acolyte

Acolytes are Sith students learning mechanics and ways of the games -[DE]- support or if they already have a knowledge set of our ways, they are learning the ways of -[DE]- itself.

Sith Hopeful

Hopefuls which are also known as Dark Empire Trialees -[DE-T]-'s, are people who are eager to join the Dark Empire and embrace our sith ways in whatever game we support. Yet are players that are being tested to become an official Dark Empire member and be accepted as an Acolyte. A trialee is determined off of a one week test through trials, activity, and mainly respect.